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  • Delta Astra green and black Ebonite limited edition fountain pen

    DELTA ASTRA GREEN AND BLACK EBONITE LIMITED EDITION FOUNTAIN PEN A rare Delta Astra green and black ebonite limited edition fountain pen This one has been inked probably used just a few times as condition is near mint. A new sack has been fitted so the pen is ready to write. The Astra line was issued by Delta in 1995.…

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  • Delta Jubilaeum 2000 limited edition silver fountain pen

    DELTA JUBILAEUM 2000 LIMITED EDITION FOUNTAIN PEN. A rare Jubilaeum 2000 limited edition fountain pen by Delta This one has been used ,its in very good condition however there are a few very small dints on the barrel very hard to see or photograph due to the mottled design of the silver so hardly noticeable at all until scrutinized closely…

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