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  • Pilot Urushi Maki-E Mount Fuji fountain pen

    PILOT URUSHI MAKI- E MOUNT FUJI FOUNTAIN PEN. This wonderful pen is brand new rare to find fully boxed. In the early 20th century, the penholder of fountain pens was made of ebonite, which would in time change to brown and lose luster. After years of study, we focused on durability of lacquer ware, and developed the material applicable for…

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  • Platinum Kanazawa changing Autumn Leaves fountain pen

    PLATINUM KANAZAWA CHANGING AUTUMN LEAVES FOUNTAIN PEN A Kanazawa changing Autumn Leaves fountain pen by Platinum. This one has been used however hardly at all so in excellent condition and comes fully boxed. The highest level of craftsmanship has been generously poured into this Platinum fountain pen in magnificently decorating it with Kanazawa leafs. This fountain pen has a firm…

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