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Terms & Conditions


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Terms & Conditions

1. Buying

1.1 When making an order through this website you are making an offer to buy goods. Once payment has been received you will receive a confirmation email confirming your order.

1.2 In the unlikely event that the item you have ordered is no longer available, you will receive a email confirming this and if payment has been made a full refund will be issued.

1.3 Any purchases paid through PayPal must be delivered to the PayPal verified address; no other address can be accepted. Payment through credit card/debit card will be posted to the address supplied by the buyer.

1.4 In the unlikely event of a item missing in the postal system we need to allow sufficient time for the item to be officially classed as lost; 30 days.

If still not received after this time a full refund will be issued (note this is a very rare situation).

2. Copyright

2.1 All images of products for sale are photos of the actual item for sale so what you see is what you will receive.

2.2 All images of the products for sale are the property of Dylan*Stephen and are subject to copyright. They may not be downloaded for personal use without permission.

2.3 We make every effort to describe items as accurately as possible. All information is approximate and provided in good faith, the photos are of the actual items and no trick photography is used to enhance the products appearance.

3. Postage Charges

Postage charges can vary depending on the weight of the item, the size of the item, the destination of the item and the required insurance for the purchased item.

Below is a rough guide to postage charges. 90% of items sold fall into these parameters, if however the postage costs are different for any reason you will be contacted to resolve the outstanding postage costs.

3.1 Countries I Post To

Below is a list of countries I currently post to. If your country is not on this list but you wish to buy an item please contact me before placing a order. I may still be able to post to your country via a more secure postage service, however it could cost more.

All EU and Europe

Czech Republic
EU Countries
New Zealand

4. Refund Policy

At Dylan*Stephen, we do our best to keep our customers happy and provide refunds on return if:

  • The item is not as described
  • The item arrived damaged
  • The item does not work

We will not provide refunds if the item you bought was new but then used and later decided it was not wanted. The reason for this is that once a new item is used it is no longer new and therefore the value is significantly reduced.

All refunds are only processed once the item has been returned, received and inspected.

The buyer is responsible for return postage costs and ensuring the returned item is sufficiently insured. If the item is lost in the return postage it is up to the buyer to claim through the postage courier insurance to reclaim lost funds.

5. Selling Your Pen

If you are selling a item to Dylan*Stephen then the following rules apply.

Postage costs can be included to the buying price, however it is the seller’s responsibility to provide adequate postage insurance for the item.

If we agree to buy an item from you and the item does not arrive, or is lost in the post, then it is down to the seller to reclaim lost funds through the postal claims service.

If the item is not received then you must complete a full refund within 30 days.

Once an item has been bought and received by myself it cannot be returned.

“Sell your pens in complete confidence, Steve’s word is his bond.”

“An honest reliable chap, paid for my pens within a hour of receiving them thanks.”

“An excellent pen in fantastic condition I will get years of use from it.”

“Prompt and friendly service. Absolutely top class in all respects.”